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Last updated: Thursday 17th April 2014 19:45 BST

Travel information

Current travel information:.

All Dover - Dunkirk services are operating to schedule with limited space currently available.

All Dover - Calais services are operating to schedule with limited space currently available.

Due to high volumes of traffic exiting  the Port of Dover over the Bank Holiday Weekend we highly recommend passengers allow extra time to check-in at the port. 

All passengers are requested to complete the check-in process no later than 45 minutes prior to their scheduled departure. 

Travel Information : Due to heavy traffic on the A20 coastbound approach to the Port of Dover all Customers are advised to use the M2/A2 route to Dover.  Additional travel time is recommended. Any passengers delayed by traffic conjestion should just make their way to the Port and Check-in where you will be shipped on the next available departure.

For the latest information on Dover Port click here http://www.doverport.co.uk/?page=WeatherTrafficTravel

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