Vehicle types and dimensions for Dover-Dunkirk/Calais:

Car   Car roofbox Car

  Car < 1.85m x 4.5m
 Car < 2.35m x 6m
 Car Low Clear <  4.35m x 4.5m 
 Car < 4.35m x 8m
 Car < 4.35m x 10m
 Maximum 9 passengers



 Motor home < 4.35m x 7m
 Motor home < 4.35m x 10m

 Minibus max 15 passengers

 If your minibus does not meet these criteria, please contact us 

Motorcyle Bicycle  

 Motorcycle - with a maximum
 of 2 passengers allowed to
 travel with this vehicle type.  

  Motorcycle with sidecar  -
 Fare includes 2 passengers; 
 with a maximum of 4
 passengers allowed to travel
 with this vehicle type.   

  Bicycle (only 1)- maximum 1



  Private Van < 4.35m x 6m
 Private Van < 4.35m x7m



  Mini Trailer < 2m x 2.35m
 Trailer < 4.35m x 5m
 Trailer < 4.35m x 8m 



  Caravan < 4.35m x 5m
 Caravan < 4.35m x 8m 

Important information note: If a vehicle is being used for the transportation of goods for commercial gain it is classified as a freight vehicle and will be charged at the applicable freight tariffs at check-in. DFDS Seaways reserves the right to inspect the interior of vehicles booked as private vans to ensure that they are not being used for commercial purposes. If access is refused by the driver, DFDS Seaways may, at their discretion, charge the applicable freight tariff or refuse transport of the vehicle. For all freight enquiries please contact our freight customer services team. Tel +44 01304 874001 or via email:

Height: when booking, it is essential that you declare the correct height of your vehicle (including any roof load) as vehicles over 1.85m in height cannot fit in all areas of our vessels vehicle decks.

Length: our standard length accommodates vehicles up to 4.55m long (excluding trailers or rear bicycle carriers as these carry a supplement). If your vehicle is longer than 4.5m (including any rear carriers and other fittings) please make sure you select the appropriate length when booking online or through our contact centre.

All, passenger vehicle fares advertised do not apply to any vehicles over 10 metres in length and/or over 4.35 metres in height and to those carrying commercial goods subject to customs documentation.

All, maximum weight private vehicles permitted as passenger unit for private purposes - 3.5 tonne box van, typical (L) 6-8m, category B – UK driving license.

If your vehicle doesn’t meet any of the categories described above or for any other vehicle enquiries, please contact our customer service team.