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Ensuring our E-mails reach you

Since you have taken the time to sign up to our newsletters and alerts it seems a waste not to make sure that our emails reach you. Most email accounts have 'Junk Folders' which prevent some emails reaching your inbox, so you may never see them.

To prevent this from happening with our e-mails there are a few quick and simple steps that you can take to make sure our emails reach you. Below you can find how to ensure that our emails reach you when using the most popular email accounts in the UK.

The email addresses we use include:

  • uk@info.dfdsseaways.net (Primary e-mail address)
  • info_uk@email.dfdsseaways.co.uk
  • travel.sales@dfds.co.uk


    From your mailbox, click on the drop down arrow to the right of the addresses.
    Click on ' Add Contact '
    Copy our email address in the Email field and click on ' Save Contact '
    Click on ' Add item to this list '

    MSN Email

    Hotmail / MSN

    Log into your hotmail / MSN account
    Select ' Options '
    Click on ' Safe and Blocked Senders '
    Click on 'Safe Senders'
    Enter our e-mail address in the box and press ' Add to List '

    Outlook email

    Outlook 2003

    Please note that Outlook 2003 is the only outlook currently with a safe senders list

    From your inbox click 'Actions' located in the top toolbar
    Select ' Junk Email '
    Click ' Junk Email Options '
    Click on the 'Safe Senders Tab'
    Type in our email address and click ' OK '

    GMail - Email from Goolge

    Gmail (Google Mail)

    From your mailbox screen, click to open one of our messages
    Click on ' More Options '
    Click on ' Add Sender to Contact List '