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DFDS Seaways Confirms DIEPPE SEAWAYS is to Start on Calais Route 

Date published: 2 November 2012

DFDS Seaways has confirmed that, following its announcement of the  latest addition to its Channel fleet, the DIEPPE SEAWAYS, the vessel will initially operate on the Dover-Calais route when it joins DFDS Seaways at the beginning of November.

The DELFT Seaways will therefore continue to operate on the Dover-Dunkirk route. The decision not to start the DIEPPE SEAWAYS on the Calais route straight away is based primarily on the need to modify both vessels for their new routes.

Senior Vice President Carsten Jensen, head of DFDS’ Channel ferry business, says:

“Having considered ways of reducing costs for the introduction of the DIEPPE SEAWAYS on the Dover-Dunkirk route and the redeployment of the DELFT SEAWAYS on the Calais route, we have decided to postpone the modification works until the ships are in the yard for their annual maintenance work. This will enable us to make considerable cost savings, as well as avoid taking  the ships out of service more than once, thus helping to minimise any disruption to our service for our passenger and freight clients.”