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DFDS Seaways Statement Regarding The Transportation of Animals via Dover 

Date published: 18 October 2012

We believe there has been a misunderstanding regarding the National Farmer’s Union’s (NFU) plans to transport animals through Dover. We would like to clarify the fact that we have not been approached by the NFU to transport livestock on their behalf via Dover, and believe that they were looking to charter their own vessels. This is not something we know much about and, as such, are not able to comment on the actions or plans of the NFU.
We would like to underline the point, however, that DFDS Seaways does not transport livestock for slaughter via Dover and has no plans to do so.
We do, however, transport animals to the UK for many other reasons, such as livestock for breeding purposes, animals for sporting or recreational purposes, and dogs and other pets in the company of their owners.
We take pride in complying with the highest standards for animal welfare and only accept transport of animals where we can provide sound and healthy conditions for them. Furthermore, the captain will always decide whether the weather conditions are suitable for transporting animals.