Drinks Tasting

Wine, Beer & Whisky Tasting Sessions

When sailing to Europe, try something a little different and take part in our drinks tasting sessions in the Compass bar during your ferry crossing from Newcastle.

With a variety of drinks to suit every palate, sample a number of drinks and pick your favourite. With sessions for the novice and more experienced drinkers there is something for everyone.

Prices start from as little as £4.60pp, so you can enjoy a minimum of 3 of the best wines, beers or whiskies at a very reasonable price. To purchase any of these tastings simply add them in the meals screen when making your booking, or visit the Compass Bar when you first arrive onboard.

Please note: Each tasting consists of approximately 10ml.

Wine Tasting

European Tour

Taste 3 full flavoured wines from the major wine producing countries in Europe. £8.00pp.

World Tour

With 4 beautiful wines available from around the world, you're guaranteed to stimulate all your senses with these majestic and flavoursome wines. £10.70pp.

Grand Tour

For the experienced wine drinker, the Grand Tour provides you with 5 full bodied wines that will blow your mind. £12.40.

Beer Tasting

European Tour

Europe is one of the major producing continents in the world, you'll be hard pushed to find a better range of beers. £4.80pp.

World Tour

With a mixture of light and dark beers, you'll be able to taste the unique and individual way each beer has been produced. £8.20pp.

Whisky Tasting

Compass Tour

The Compass Tour allows you to try 3 fantastic whiskies, each with subtle yet distinctive differences in flavour. £4.60pp.

Grand Tasting

Definitely not for the novice whisky drinker. The Grand Tour takes your taste buds to the extreme with some of the best whiskies in the world. £7.10pp.