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Pre-book meals

Pre-book meals and Save up to 25%

Pre-book your meals before you travel to one of our top European or Scandinavian destinations and save. Not only will you enjoy fantastic quality food with the convenience of reserving a table at your chosen time, but you'll have more money to spend once you reach your destination!

With a number of relaxed restaurants onboard our ferries, you will be amazed at the quality of the food and service onboard.

With a different theme in each of our wonderfully decorated restaurants, from a self service 'all you can eat' buffet to an American-style steakhouse, the choice is yours - wherever you choose to dine you'll be sure to find great food and a friendly service.

Why not pre-book your wine to accompany your meal? Enjoy a scrumptious dinner buffet, with half a bottle of red or white wine that is the perfect accompaniment to your meal.  Choose from either: White Wine (Michel Loroche, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Terret) or Red Wine (Michel Loroche Grenache - Merlot).

If you've already booked, you can still add prebooked meals to your booking - either amend your booking online or over the phone.

Newcastle-Amsterdam Pre-book Meal Prices

Meal Price(£) Price(€) Saving
Buffet Breakfast £11.00 €14.90 11%
Buffet Dinner £23.99 €34.50 16%
Buffet Dinner with 1/2 bottle of wine £27.99 €32.00 -
2 Course Steakhouse £29.60 €34.95 -
3 Course à la carte £31.30 €39.50 -

Copenhagen-Oslo Pre-book Meal Prices

Meal Price(£) Price(DKK) Saving
Buffet Breakfast £15.00 132 DKK -  
Buffet Dinner £27.80 264 DKK -  
2 Course Steakhouse £32.40 285 DKK
3 Course à la carte £41.90 369 DKK
3 Course Gourmet £49.90 439 DKK

Prices correct as at 18th February 2015.