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Safety onboard the ferry

Safety Onboard

You can relax and feel safe on board any DFDS Seaways ship. All our ships live up to the highest safety standards and regulations and our crew is trained to handle any emergency situation.

Safety information can be found in your cabin and safety regulations are announced over loudspeakers at every departure.

Naturally, all DFDS ships conform to the highest safety standards and regulations, including the international SOLAS requirements. More information can be found in your cabin - and you are welcome to ask our experienced staff.

Routine security checks of passengers, luggage and vehicles are carried out in all ports, due to a safety code that was introduced in 2004.

All passengers must carry valid picture-ID (Passport or International Identity Card (EU), when they board the ship, which should be shown upon check in. Scandinavian citizens travelling on the Copenhagen - Oslo route may also use bank ID with picture.

Our crew is fully trained in emergency procedures and at the unlikely event of an emergency they will be ready to guide you through safety measures.