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Situated in the top part of Normandy, Dieppe is a busy port north of Rouen and sits amongst the cliffs overlooking the English Channel. Famously a fishing town, the port still plays a major role in the economy with many local attractions located around the harbour and close to the marina.


Getting there

Our twice-daily ferries from Newhaven to Dieppe take about 4 hours and remain a favourite for visitors travelling to Dieppe or to other locations in France. There is a day and night sailing so you can pick the time which suits you best.

What to see in Dieppe

What to see in Dieppe 

Dieppe is the closest beach resort to Paris, with a pretty pebble beach that’s good for swimming and sunbathing. For this reason, many tourists flock here from the capital each year. The beach is flanked by dramatic limestone cliffs and has famously inspired paintings by the likes of Monet and Gaugin.

The promenade, which is more than a mile long, is a large lawn and children’s play area, which runs all the way to the harbour. From the harbour you can see the fishing boats in the marina and explore the many lovely waterside restaurants specialising in fresh fish. 

Along the seafront are many memorials commemorating those who lost their lives during World War II in the Dieppe Raid. At the Square du Canada a monument commemorates the special relationship between Dieppe and Canada, which started when colonists left to find a new life in Canada.

For art lovers, the Villa Perrotte, an art gallery situated in the heart of Dieppe, was originally an art deco style hotel constructed in 1928 and houses works of art that are exhibited throughout the year. Exhibitions feature paintings, sculptures and photography from many contemporary artists.

The Château-Musée, is a 15th century fortress, built of flint and sandstone, sitting on the west cliffs and dominating the town. This impressive landmark has been re-built and is now home to one of the best ivory collections in Europe, as well as sculptures carved by local sailors dating back as far as the 16th century. You can also see paintings by Renoir, Boudin, Lebourg and Pissaro, as well as etchings by Braque.

Where to stay in Dieppe

There is plenty of accommodation in Dieppe to choose from, whether you’re looking for a seaside b&b or a luxury central hotel. Check our partner booking.com for a full list.

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