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​travel to scandinavia 

It is with great sadness that we announce our route between Harwich and Esbjerg has closed, as of 29 September 2014. This unfortunately means there is no longer a ferry route between the UK and Denmark, however there are still a number of convenient ways to get to Scandinavia from the UK using our other routes.

Use our other routes for a number of convenient ways to get to Scandinavia from the UK. 



If you live in the north of England or Scotland, our daily crossings from Newcastle to Amsterdam are the most convenient way to cross the North Sea to Europe. The two large cruise ferries on this route are modern, comfortable and packed with excellent facilities meaning your holiday starts as soon as you board. 
As you sail you can relax in one of the bars, enjoy the live entertainment and head to one of the restaurants for a delicious meal. There’s also a cinema,casino,shops and kids’ club too. And as the evening draws to a close you can head to your en suite cabin for a good night’s sleep, meaning you’ll arrive refreshed and rested before continuing your journey. 
Amsterdam to Scandinavia

Amsterdam to Scandinavia

Our port in IJmuiden near Amsterdam provides easy access to Europe. Denmark is conveniently accessible via Germany’s excellent autobahn network. 
You may want to split up your journey and stop off en route. You’ll pass thorough the cites of Bremen and Hamburg on your way north. Or why not head to Germany’s stunning Baltic coastline. ​
​From Amsterdam port to:
​Danish border​396 miles, 5 hours 30 mins
​Copenhagen​508 miles, 8 hours 10 mins
​Odense​490 miles, 6 hours 45 mins
​Aarhus​508 miles, 7 hours
​Kristianstad​588 miles, 9 hours 20 mins

dover to dunkirk


If you live in the south of England, Wales or the Midlands, then our Dunkirk port is the best place to begin your trip to Scandinavia. 
We are the only operator to offer a route from Dover to Dunkirk (30 miles north of Calais). There are 24 daily sailings in both directions and the crossing takes just 2 hours. 
Onboard there are restaurants, a bar, cafe, shop and children’s play area, plus outdoor deck areas so you can enjoy the views and fresh sea air as you cross the Channel.
dunkirk to scandinavia

Dunkirk to Scandinavia 

From Dunkirk you will pass through Belgium,Holland and Germany on your way north to Scandinavia. Why not stop off on the way and discover the German cities of Munster or Bremen.

​From Dunkirk to:
​​Danish border​532 miles, 7 hours 20 mins
​​Copenhagen​647 miles, 10 hours
​Odense​629 miles, 8 hours 41 mins
​​Aarhus​647 miles, 8 hours 53 mins
​Kristianstad​727 miles, 11 hours 15 mins


Head to eastern Europe from northern Germany with our ferry from Kiel from Klaipeda. With 6 overnight sailings each week, the route is a convenient way to access the Baltic region from mainland Europe. ​


Our ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo provides access to Norway and northern Sweden. Our modern, comfortable cruise ferries are packed full of facilities and things to do and even takes you up the rugged Swedish coastline, with stunning views. ​

Road to Scandinavia 

The driving route to Scandinavia from our ports in Amsterdam and Dunkirk passes through a number of wonderful towns and cities well worth a visit – see a few of our suggestions below. So why not stop off en route and turn your journey into a touring holiday? 
It is easy to find accommodation for any of these cities and towns using our partner booking.com. Use it to plan your road to Scandinavia in advance and you can save both time and money.