General onboard information

If you require any help or assistance whilst on board our ferries when travelling to Dover or Dunkirk, please visit our Information desk which is manned throughout your journey, situated on DECK 6.

Bureau De Change

Change your currency onboard. There is also an ATM situated on DECK 6 between our reception area and the Shop onboard.

No smoking policy

Smoking, which includes e-cigarettes, is not permitted in passenger cabins and public areas, including corridors, halls, staircases and arcades. Smoking onboard the ship's is permitted in designated areas only, which are appropriately marked including the relevant signs. An additional €200 minimum surcharge shall be applied for smoking in other than designated areas (which corresponds to the value of the cleaning services to be ordered by us).

Nut allergy information

Due to food preparation methods, some dishes may contain nuts and other items that may cause allergic reaction. Please ask a member of staff on board if you have any concerns.


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