Explorer's Steakhouse: Harwich to Esbjerg (Denmark) 

Known for their excellent steaks, The Explorers Steakhouse also serves fantastic fresh salads and other tasty dishes in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Frequent passengers will tell you that the Explorers Steakhouse is the place to go for a fantastic steak, relaxed atmosphere and friendly services. Not limited just to prime cuts of mouth-watering steak, the menu also offers a great selection of meals and delicacies to suit all palates.

Advance bookings benefit from free sauces and potatoes,in addition to saving on price. Please note that parties of over 8 will require more than one table as tables are secured to the floor and cannot be joined.

2 courses from £32.40pp (Pre-book price)

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Buy online & save Table reservations
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Pre-book meals online and SAVE £££s

Pre-book meals

Substantial savings can be made by pre-booking so buy online and SAVE £££s. Prices are subject to change, but at time of writing prices for the Explorers Steakhouse when pre-booked as part of your online booking are as follows:

Online Onboard Saving
2 courses £32.40 285 DKK   -

Please note saving includes discounted price and is dependent on exchange rate, correct as at 3rd September 2014.

Meal vouchers can be used in all restaurants on board, up to their value, however a supplement will apply in some restaurants and for certain dishes. Please ask on board for more details.

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Reserve your table online and dine at your convenience

Reserve your table online

When you pre-book your meals as part of your online booking, you get the option of reserving a table in the restaurant at the same time.

Frequent travellers will know that our restaurants can get very busy, and knowing that you’ve reserved a table at a time that suits you (remembering ship’s time is GMT+1 hour!) makes an overnight crossing with us even more relaxing than ever.

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