Wildlife Watching Experience: Newcastle to Amsterdam 

Learn about the seas from an ORCA wildlife officer on a ferry to Holland. Perfect for family mini cruises, our wildlife watching experience can help you spot marine life along both the English and Scandinavian coastlines.

While taking one of our ferries to Holland, you can also learn about the diverse mix of marine life that lives beneath the water surface and get involved in onboard activities. Marine conservation charity, ORCA, carries out various ecological studies across our ferry routes over the North Sea and you can now get involved.

There’s a number of short humorous presentations to enjoy while we sail on a wildlife watching mini cruise, including a mix of fun kids activities packed with educational animal facts and details of what you might spot from deck. The onboard Wildlife Centre also contains a telescope for looking out to sea, a wildlife themed play area and an extensive range of literature for both kids and adults.

The wildlife watching experience is available onboard the KING SEAWAYS ferry on selected dates April - September.

What do ORCA do? What’s Included What’s in the ORCA centre?
ORCA the leading whale and dolphin charity.

What do ORCA do?

ORCA stands for Organisation Cetacea (cetacea is the term for all whales, dolphins and porpoises) and actively promotes conservation of the marine environment through education and research, providing a forum for the enjoyment of whales, dolphins, seabirds and other marine life. Working closely with the general public to raise awareness of the importance of marine conservation, DFDS Seaways is proud to be working with ORCA on the KING SEAWAYS ferry between April to September.

On a special wildlife watching experience, you can enjoy educational activities organised by an ORCA Wildlife Officer including presentations, story-telling and wildlife watching (we advise you to bring your own binoculars; however, there are some available from the ORCA Wildlife Officer).

Read the Orca Wildlife Officer's Blog here:

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view the amazing creatures of the ocean on our wildlife watching cruise to amsterdam

What's Included:

  • Deck watch as you depart Newcastle (weather dependant)
  • Activities for kids, information for adults, latest sightings and news
  • Short presentation in the Compass Bar / Orca Centre
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ORCA centre

What's in the ORCA Centre

On our wildlife watching experiences, deck 9 on the KING SEAWAYS will be transformed into an exciting ORCA Centre with activities available for both adults and children.

There will be a mix of information about what you can see in the North Sea and how ORCA help to preserve the marine eco-system, as well as fascinating facts to learn and charts for you to identify what you’ve spotted from the deck of the ferry.

Download some fun colouring in sheets here:

Hammerhead Shark

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