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Amsterdam Diamond Centre

Amsterdam Diamond Centre

Although there are many reasons to take the ferry to Amsterdam to enjoy this tiny European nation, one of the more unusual is the chance to go shopping at the Amsterdam Diamond Centre, featuring famed jeweller Gassan.  Although Gassan jewellery stores are located in several locations around the world, the shop at Dam Square is one of the largest jewellery shops in all of the Netherlands.  Situated in the historic heart of the city, this store is located on the corner of Dam and Rokin streets.

More than diamonds

Loose diamonds are certainly an attraction of the Amsterdam Diamond Centre. Indeed, some tourists who arrive on the ferry to Amsterdam may never before have been in a venue that sells diamonds in their loose form. Still, Gassan Dam Square has more to offer than just loose stones. More than 30 excellent brands of watches are also available, as well as gorgeous fine jewellery from some of the world’s top designers.

The Amsterdam Diamond Centre also serves as an official centre for the repair and servicing of Rolex watches. Indeed, the watchmakers who work here are accredited by Rolex and are supervised by Rolex Switzerland, which provides them with periodic training so that they can offer excellent repair services on site. Similar levels of service are also available for all other kinds of watches, as well as for fine jewellery.

For tourists, of course, the real attraction is the ability to go shopping at Gassan Dam Square. Even tourists on a budget can enjoy window shopping at one of the most exclusive diamond centres in Europe.

For those who can afford to buy a little something, though, the Amsterdam Diamond Centre may be the most enjoyable jewellery shopping they have ever experienced. Goldsmiths are on hand to set the exact stones you have chosen into the setting of your choice. There is no need to return later to pick up your completed piece; it can be fashioned while you wait so you can enjoy it for the remainder of your holiday.

The Amsterdam Diamond Centre will help tourists to Amsterdam truly have the holiday of a lifetime.