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Amsterdam zoo, lion

Amsterdam Zoo

Families taking a ferry from England to Holland have plenty to look forward to upon their arrival into the country. Departure from Newcastle is at 5pm and passengers arrive by ferry to Amsterdam in the early morning, giving you plenty of time to explore all the sights that Amsterdam has to offer. While the city offers plenty in the way of keeping children and adults alike entertained, no family trip to Amsterdam would be complete without checking out Amsterdam Zoo. Artis Zoo offers an amazing combination of animals and sea life, in addition to its stunning botanical gardens, planetarium, a geological museum, and a zoological museum.

Some of the zoo’s features in more detail are as follows:

Botanical Gardens

There are 200 tree variations including very rare specimens. Carnivorous plants, cacti, and tropical plants are all found here.

Zoological Museum

This displays various exhibitions and covers everything from dinosaurs to photography.

Planetarium and Geological Museum

Here children can learn about the evolution of the earth and see exciting exhibits in astronomy and space exploration. The cosmos is in the form of a 640 square metre planetarium dome.

Zoo Aquarium

This is usually the favourite attraction for families, since they can experience a close-up view of animals from all over the world. In the aquarium, you can see beautiful striking colours of tropical fish, the most remarkable and popular of which is probably the lantern fish, which can be seen in the dark.

One day is simply not enough to see everything at Artis Zoo and it is advised to arrange a guided tour so you can see as much as possible during your visit.