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Concerts in Amsterdam

People interested in a holiday in a major city abroad often plan their time away mostly in terms of the places they can see. Just as important, however, is to think about the activities that are available at your destination. Tourists taking Amsterdam ferries will find that this Dutch city offers opportunities to enjoy a wide selection of concerts. 

Classical concerts

Three concert halls in Amsterdam specialise in offering classical music. These are the Muziektheater, The Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, and the Concertgebouw. Although all three venues offer interesting architecture, the Concertgebouw is the oldest. Dating from the late 1880s, it was designed by noted architect Van Gendt, who is also responsible for several other historical buildings in Amsterdam, including the Hollandsche Manege (stables). 

The Muziektheater dates from the 1980s and the most recent of the venues, the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, first opened in the new millennium. Located near the River IJ, this last venue is often frequented by tourists who want to enjoy a classical concert followed by an evening stroll along the riverbank. 

Modern concerts

Tourists to Amsterdam can also take advantage of venues such as Paradiso, a concert hall that can accommodate more than 1,500 people at a time. Another similarly sized venue is the Melkweg. Both these concert locations host both Dutch and international acts

Another popular venue for concerts is the Arena Stadium, which draws acts that are of superstar calibre. This is the single most well known concert venue in all of Amsterdam; it also serves as the home of sports teams such as Ajax, the Dutch football team. The Heineken Music Hall is another large venue where the big stars play when they come to the city.

Tourists who take Amsterdam ferries can attend both classical and modern concerts in addition to visiting the fine restaurants and fascinating historical sites offered by the city.