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Copenhagen festivals

Copenhagen: Europe’s Largest Festival City

For travellers interested in taking a ferry to Denmark, there are many festivals in Copenhagen that can be enjoyed throughout the year. In fact, Copenhagen is renowned for being Northern Europe’s largest festival city. Whatever your taste the numerous festivals in Copenhagen cater for a variety of interests. These festivals range from music, film and gastronomy, to ballet, design and culture. Perhaps the most famous festival that attracts people from across the world each year is the Copenhagen Blues Festival. This is held in September and runs for five days. International stars and home-grown talent play in venues throughout Copenhagen. Other festivals worth checking out include:

Copenhagen Cooking

The festival is held in August and explores all avenues of cooking. Every aspect of culinary delight is shown here. 

Copenhagen International Ballet Festival

This is held in the Bellevue Theatre in the north of Copenhagen and visitors from all over the world attend to enjoy the performances. Dancers and choreographers from the US, Israel, France and Denmark provide first class shows.

Golden Days

This is the largest historical festival and specialises in covering a specific period in Copenhagen’s history. In addition, there are numerous cultural institutions, theatre performances, walks around the city and many other outdoor activities.


To cater for the younger element of Copenhagen and many visitors, this festival focuses on electronic music. The festival generally runs in August.

Mix Copenhagen

The festival shows film screenings and hosts manuscript competitions and a variety of public speaking. The word ‘mix’ hints at the festival’s emphasis on catering to all people with a variety of emotional traits.