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Restaurants in Copenhagen

Best Restaurants in Copenhagen

What better reason is there for tourists to board ferries to Scandinavia than to enjoy dining in one of the best restaurants in Copenhagen? Indeed, according to the Restaurant Magazine, the best restaurant in the entire world is to be found in Denmark. Noma, the possessor of two Michelin stars, earned this distinction both in 2010 and 2011.

Noma Restaurant

Specialising in a reinterpretation of classic Nordic dishes, Noma has made a waterfront warehouse quite near the Greenlandic Trading Square its home since 2004. Featuring an interior designed by Signe Bindslev-Henriksen, the restaurant offers visitors to Denmark a chance to enjoy a fully updated version of Scandinavian food. Signature dishes include such culinary adventures as ‘the hen and the egg’, prepared by head chef René Redzepi. Other specialities include pike perch served with elderberries, and buttered langoustine served on a hot rock, which incorporates rapeseed oil and milk skin.

Redzepi has impressed food critics with his dedication to fresh ingredients – a dedication that actually has him foraging in the woods that border Copenhagen. In addition, Redzepi scorns the use of imported ingredients, such as foie gras and olive oil, preferring fresh, local alternatives.

Ida Davidsen Restaurant

Travellers taking ferries to Scandinavia will want to be sure to try this uniquely Danish approach to lunch, which involves enjoying open-faced sandwiches made to order. What makes Ida Davidsen remarkable is the sheer volume of different ‘smørrebrød’ tourists can choose from – more than 250. Locals order such combinations as liver pate spread thinly and topped with crisp rashers of bacon and smoked eel topped with eggs scrambled in plenty of butter.

For fine dining choices, Denmark does not disappoint. DFDS Seaway’s Oslo to Copenhagen ferry is an exciting way of travelling to Denmark to visit the best restaurants in Copenhagen.