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Cycling in Holland

Cycling in Holland

In recent years, increasing numbers of tourists on holiday are interested in going to places where they can spend time outdoors doing sporting activities. Indeed, some tourists make this the major focus of their holiday, organising, for example, trips from Newcastle to Amsterdam that centre around cycling as a means of getting around the country. 

Holland is actually an excellent choice for a cycling holiday. Cycling is highly popular with the population of the Netherlands and the country has a developed infrastructure to support and encourage this eco-conscious way of getting around. 

Cycling lanes and routes

Most European countries have some cycle lanes. Not only is cycling better for the environment than driving, it is also good for the human body to get regular exercise. Holland supports this concept with one of the most extensive cycling lane network in the world – relative to the size of the nation itself, of course. Holland is a small country but it has more than 19,000 km of paths and lanes intended for cyclists.

Dedicated lanes make cycling here quite safe as well as enjoyable. Tourists will not have to worry about competing with cars for space on crowded roads and highways. Even better than dedicated lanes are the cycling routes that criss-cross the country. These often allow tourists to stay away from roads completely, taking them instead through green fields where it is peaceful and almost car free.

Friendly terrain

Cycling the Alps may make for an invigorating holiday, but many tourists abroad prefer to get their exercise in a way that is a great deal more low-key. Holland is perfect in this regard, offering easy terrain that is for the most part level, even across long routes. Those who prefer small elevations should head south to Limburg, where minor hills can provide them with views of the country.

Holland’s size is another advantage. It means that tourists taking one of DFDS Seaways’ ferries across to Amsterdam and see much of this small country in a few weeks as they enjoy a cycling tour.