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Drive to Poland for the Euro 2012 Championships

Drive to Poland for Euro 2012

Many people think of a holiday as a single destination and use phrases such as "We are going to Paris on holiday." When you take a ferry to Holland to begin your time away from home, your holiday can become a series of destinations instead as you drive your car in almost any direction you desire, exploring Europe's many nations at your own schedule and convenience.

An Amsterdam to Poland Holiday

One possibility after your ferry to Holland arrives in port is to take a drive in a north-easterly direction to reach the port city of Gdansk, made world-famous near the end of the last century by the shipyard labour protests organized by Solidarity.

From Amsterdam, the drive can be done over one day, clocking up to about 13 hours. However, to make the trip more leisurely, you can break up the drive over two or three days during which you can stop every few hundred miles to enjoy places along the way.

The A2 route will take tourists through Germany before they reach Poland, giving them the opportunity to explore cities such as Hanover, Magdeburg, and even Berlin. Hanover is the capital of the German state of Lower Saxony, while Berlin, of course, is the capital of the country.

Magdeburg is much less well known, but is a charming place to visit for its numerous parks that have helped to give it the distinction of the third greenest city in Germany. The retail area in Magdeburg is also a draw for tourists passing through. Proportional to its size, there is more retail space in Magdeburg than in any other German city. For travellers, this means a wealth of fine shopping opportunities.

Of course, after you start your holiday with a ferry to Holland, you can choose instead to drive to Poland by following a southerly route, which will take you through Dresden and Brno before you head north east to Poland.