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Fishing holidasy in Denmark

Denmark: An Angler’s Paradise.

Denmark is, as the title suggests, an Angler’s Paradise. Every year many anglers travel to Denmark to indulge in sea, freshwater, lake and river angling.  East Jutland is excellent in that it offers every form of angling imaginable and all within short driving distances. The added bonus is that your angling adventure will be within beautiful countryside. 

East Jutland is the home of the country’s largest river, the river Guden and offers great fishing for salmon as well as sea trout.  About 5000 mature salmon return to this river every year and approximately 1000 are caught by fishermen. This region also offers superb saltwater fishing for silvery sea trout especially in the region of Djursland and the Bay Of Aarhus. Many anglers prefer lakes and if this is the case, the Lake District of Silkeborg is ideal for you.  This area has the largest concentration of lakes in Denmark. You can decide exactly what size of lake you wish to fish. There are pike, pikeperch, bream, roach and many other varieties of freshwater fish to be found there.

There are angling competitions held throughout the season and you can obtain information about this together with any information regarding closed seasons from the East Jutland Angling Website. If you want a superb angling holiday in Denmark the arrangements could not be easier. You can sail direct from Harwich overnight to Esbjerg. Once on board you will be able to relax and enjoy excellent food, comfortable cabins, live entertainment and money saving shopping. One of the advantages is that with no luggage restrictions, you can take that extra fishing equipment in order to make your angling more varied.