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Holidays in Amsterdam

Holidays in Amsterdam

Getting ready to go on holiday can be a hectic time characterised by so much stress that some people begin to wonder why they wanted to go abroad in the first place. One type of holiday, however, tends not to have this problem: the type that begins with a cruise. Starting with a ferry to Amsterdam, for example, allows tourists to start their holiday abroad not with hours spent waiting at a hectic airport but relaxing on board a luxurious ship.

Once in Amsterdam

Once tourists on a cruise to Amsterdam arrive in the city, they will find plenty to do. Some may be surprised to find out just how modern Amsterdam is; tourists can now experience the city in more depth than before by making use of the QR codes that are posted at helpful locations around the city. Part of the Explore a Different Amsterdam project recently implemented by Amsterdam’s city authorities, the aim of the QR codes is to provide visitors with a fun way to learn the hidden history and secrets of some of the most famous locations around the city.

All tourists have to do is scan the QR codes with their mobile phones. Almost 150 such codes around the city will link tourists to background stories and even photos that give additional information about the buildings. In some cases, these photos provide view of the interiors of historical buildings that tourists can normally only view from the outside. Each of the QR codes is also accompanied by text displayed on the building so that those without mobile phones have access to some – but not all – of the information that makes up the Explore a Different Amsterdam project.

The interactive project is scattered around the city so that tourists on a walking tour can explore such areas as De Pijp, Westerpark and Oostelijke Havengebied. The codes are easy to spot since each one is made up of four ceramic tiles arranged in an eye-catching row. 

A ferry holiday also allows tourists to relax on the way back, providing a lovely finish to their time abroad.