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Legoland in Denmark

Legoland in Denmark

What better way could there be to enjoy a holiday abroad with your children than to take the  ferry to Denmark to visit the original Legoland? Known in Denmark as Legoland Billund after the city in which it is located, the park is situated next to a Lego factory and has entertained million of visitors across all ages since it opened in the late 1960s.

Indeed, it is Denmark's single most popular tourist attraction outside Copenhagen, and every other Legoland park in the world is based around the lands and concepts developed for the original.


The world is represented in charming miniature in this section of the park, which features everything from capital cities with their easily recognised landmarks to a small fishing village perched along the edge of a canal. Among the countries represented are Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, the United States and, of course, Denmark itself.

Miniland is more than a static display in three dimensions, however. It is characterised by motion, with tiny ships sailing on canals while planes taxi from runway to terminal at the Miniland airport.

The Miniland area is also imbued with fantasy in the form of battle droids and clone troopers that have invaded the earth, taking control of more than 400 square metres in Legoland.

Duplo Land

Designed for the younger children who would be most familiar with the larger Duplo blocks, Duplo Land is targeted for those up to six years of age. Children in Duplo Land are invited to become active in a role-play area that features physical elements such as slides and stairs as well as a train ride that appears to be constructed from Duplo bricks.

Another ride in Duplo Land allows children to ride in planes that lift up into the air, giving them a view of the Lego and Duplo creations all around. 

Legoredo Town

This land transports children to a Lego version of a town in the American West and features rides based around themes of gold mining and canoeing. A musical group known as the Rattlesnakes provides live country and western music from morning until night.

Taking the ferry to Denmark will allow parents to treat their children to the oldest Legoland park in the world – one that will entertain them at the same time that it gives them more appreciation of the world in which they live.