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Castles of Poland

Travellers considering booking a ferry to Poland to see the country’s many castles can do so by first heading to Holland as the first leg of their journey. If you are taking your own car, then Holland has first class roads leading you straight to Poland. The journey from Amsterdam to Warsaw by car takes approximately 12 hours, but you do travel through picturesque German and Polish countryside. Alternatively, if you want to get there as soon as possible you can go by train direct to Szczecin station. People residing in the south of England also have the option of travelling from Harwich to Denmark and then to take an alternative route to Poland. 

Many tourists travel to Poland simply to enjoy its many unique and distinctive castles. For generations the Polish people have realised that due to its geographical location, between Germany and Russia, Poland needed suitable defences against invaders. Hence the construction of many castles was undertaken.

Some of the castles were subsequently built by invaders/occupiers to keep the Polish people under control. There are many castles of the Teutonic order, originally built for that very reason. These castles are distributed throughout Poland, at Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Lubin, Krakow, Ostrow Wielkopolski and a number of other locations. They all have their individual characteristics and charm.

Silesia is an industrial and rich region of Poland and countries in close proximity have always had designs on controlling it. Therefore numerous castles such as Bedzin, Brzeg, Sucha Beskidzka, Chojnik and Ksiaz were built to protect the area. The latter is a huge Gothic style castle first built in the 13th century. 

If you wish to enjoy a ferry trip that will allow you to go exploring fascinating castles, then the destination of Poland certainly does not disappoint.