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Cycling in Denmark

Cycling around Denmark

A Scandinavia ferry will allow travellers the opportunity to visit Denmark. A trip to Esbjerg from Harwich is an ideal way to sample the region’s excellent food, entertainment and first class accommodation. There are many ways to travel around this beautiful country and see the sights, but one of the best is a cycling holiday.
When you arrive in Denmark you will immediately notice the obvious difference from England.  There is beautiful open countryside where you can find bicycle paths, sign-posted routes and special camping sites. There are 3000 kilometres of specially selected routes linking most remote parts of the country. The majority of the routes run on minor roads where there is very little traffic. The signposts are excellent for finding your destination, but excellent route maps are readily available.

If this is your first cycling holiday to Denmark, it is a good idea to contact the Danish Tourist Board, as they produce a brochure about cycling in Denmark, which is free.  This gives a great deal of basic information to get you started. Official camping sites are fantastic. There are 500 in total and many have shops, bathrooms, showers, launderettes and many other services. Hotels can be expensive, but are of a high standard.

Cyclists will be pedalling along scenic trails and will be spoilt for choice of destinations. Many cyclists go island hopping on the islands of Fyn, Langeland and Aeroe. This is breathtaking scenery with plenty of sign-posted bicycle routes. 

Another idyllic journey is to travel by ferry, where you sail past the islands south of Fyn. If you want to travel at your own speed, then “get on your bike”.