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Shopping in Amsterdam

Go Shopping In Amsterdam

Visitors who travel to Holland using the ferry to Amsterdam can expect to enjoy shopping in a vibrant and exciting city. Travellers can depart overnight from Newcastle at 5pm and arrive in the early morning in Amsterdam, after enjoying superb food, live music, and comfortable cabins in the comfort of the ship.

Next morning, fully refreshed, you can “hit the shops”. The many roads in Amsterdam are closed to cars, making shopping a pleasant experience. However, you will still see trams, taxis, and bicycles. There are many different shopping areas in Amsterdam and these are the main ones:

Shopping Streets in Amsterdam

The city centre itself is not very large and you will probably be able to cover all the streets in two days. There are several different areas and each offers its own different characteristics. Many shops have importing contracts from all over the world and therefore the customer has a unique selection of varied goods.


There are several markets within the framework of Amsterdam, which include food, wine, antiques, and flowers. The price of goods is usually more competitive than the older established shops.

Department Stores and Malls

First class department stores are located in Amsterdam with the most famous being De Bijenkorm, which offers a huge selection of goods. Goods are imported from Asia, Latin America, Africa, and other parts of the world.


In the area of the Spuiplein, there are numerous bookshops, you can purchase books from all over the world, and many are in English.

The pedestrian area known as Nieuwedijk is one kilometre in length and has shops offering clothing, sportswear, and music, which are all found there. The Kalverstraat area is famous for shoe shops, perfumeries, and fast food. In fact, everything you would expect in a capital city.

Once you have been shopping in Amsterdam, you will want to return repeatedly in order to add to your existing cherished memories.