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Shopping in Copenhagen

Things To Do In Copenhagen

Tourists who take the ferry to Denmark will need no time at all to discover that there are many fascinating things to do in Copenhagen. 

Visit Tivoli Gardens

Arguably the most famous site in the city, the amusement park and green space known as Tivoli Gardens has three entrances, making it highly accessible to visitors to Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens visitors pay one fee to enter the park and then must buy tickets to each ride or activity, but those who think they may ride a great many can purchase a pass instead. Notable rides here include the Star Flyer, which is often billed as the tallest carousel in the world.

Tivoli has more to offer than rides, however. The park is also characterised by free shows throughout the year. Free fireworks take place each Saturday in the summer, and from April until September there is live music on Fridays. A nightly laser show is another huge draw.

Enjoy sports and spa entertainment

Tourists who prefer to stay active can take the ferry to Denmark and then head over to the DGI-Byen sports complex. Located near Central Station, this is a place where locals and visitors can enjoy indoor swimming as well as bowling. 

The complex also features a full spa. Among the services offered are salt baths, algae baths, mudpacks, a variety of massage therapies, and acupuncture. Beauty treatments are also available.

Have a nice meal

Copenhagen is a wonderful place to enjoy a variety of food. From the Café Victor, which offers fine French dishes to the Vietnamese street food at Le Le, located in the Vesterbro district, tourists can try a great deal more than just Danish food. 

Go shopping

One of the best areas for a shopping expedition is the street known as Stroget, which is most crowded on Saturdays. 

Tourists to Copenhagen will find that this Danish city can be a treasure trove of interesting things to do.