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Things to do in Poland

Things to do in Poland

Family holidays abroad often focus on nearby nations such as France, Spain, and Denmark, but with the ferry to Poland so easily accessible, there is no reason why travellers should restrict themselves to the western edge of the Continent. Eastern Europe also has delights to offer, and many of them are found in Poland, formerly a satellite state of the Soviet Union. 

The Salt Mine at Wieliczka

One of the more unusual tourist attractions in Poland involves the chance to tour a mine where salt has been harvested for generations. A full tour of the mine takes approximately two hours and takes visitors through almost two dozen subterranean chambers filled with underground lakes and winding passages that open up into huge caverns. Lit by chandeliers, this is truly an experience that no visitor will ever forget. Be sure to wear sturdy footwear, as the footing in some places can be a bit tricky.

Malbork Castle

This brick castle complex has been continuously added to and rebuilt since the early 1300s until today; it is the most spectacular structure of its type in all of Northern Europe. A tour of the castle includes a variety of stories about events such as famous banquets for allies – and poison for enemies – and will transport visitors back to the Middle Ages when the castle was the centre of life in the town of Malbork. Today, the castle is recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Krakow’s Old Town

Explore the labyrinthine cobbled streets in the old section of Krakow as you shop for souvenirs and admire the architecture of buildings such as St Mary’s Basilica. This is the best place to get a sense of the real cultural spirit of Poland. 

These adventures and many more await travellers who step aboard a ferry.