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Windmills in Holland

The Windmills in Holland

When tourists in Holland are asked what they most associate with the country they are visiting, two of the most common answers are tulips and windmills. Tulips, of course, can generally only be seen in season, but the lovely windmills in Holland are on display twelve months of the year. Although there are a few old windmills located in Amsterdam itself, to see the most famous groups of windmills generally requires a day trip through the countryside. This is no impediment to tourists arriving on the ferry to Holland since that mode of travel allows them to bring the family vehicle with them.

Kinderdijk windmills

This is perhaps the most famous group of Dutch windmills in the entire country. Nineteen mills stand together here. They were constructed for the purpose of helping to prevent sea flooding of the low plain on which they sit. Listed as a World Heritage site by the United Nations, the Kinderdijk windmills exhibit the traditional large-scale polder style characteristic of old Dutch windmills.

Schiedam windmills

To see even larger windmills, tourists should venture to the mils of Schiedam. Here stand some of the  most enormous windmills in the entire world. Some of them are in excess of 30 metres tall. Interestingly, these mills were industrial in nature. Instead of helping to prevent sea flooding, they were used to help power factories that made jenever, which is a type of gin produced in Holland.

Ferries to Amsterdam bring thousands of visitors across the sea every year, and while many of these tourists concentrate their travels in the Amsterdam area, others choose to use their cars to travel to see the magnificent windmills that are a de facto symbol of the Dutch nation.