Sail Dover-Dunkirk and Ostend is 40 mins / 35 miles from Dunkirk
Sail Dover-Calais and Ostend is 1 hr / 60 miles from Calais
Sail Newcastle-Amsterdam and Ostend is 2 hr 55 mins / 190 miles from IJmuiden

Ostend - A city by the sea.

Once a tiny fishing village, Ostend has transformed over the years to become a vibrant, exciting, cosmopolitan city. With five and half miles of sandy beaches it’s a popular place for tourists who come to enjoy the mixture of seaside charm and city sophistication.

Explore more.

There are lots of things to see and do all year round and if the Fisherman’s Quay is your first port of call you’ll see fisherman coming and going all day long. At the Vistrap fish market you can even buy mussels, shrimps and any variety of seafood straight from the fisherman. Now that is fresh seafood.

Museums, galleries and aquariums. Dive in.

Visitors who are prepared to explore beyond the normal tourist attractions can expect some pleasant surprises. The North Sea Aquarium takes you on a journey through the flora and fauna of the sea, while the sailing ship the Mercator and the training ship Amandine, which both lie at anchor in Ostend, are now exciting museums. Earth Explorer is scientific adventure for the whole family, while the PMMK Museum for Modern Art houses some truly inspiring pieces of work.

Christmas market breaks to get you in the festive mood.

Enjoy a taste of Christmas Belgian style and explore the sights and sounds of this colourful Christmas market. Browse the festively decorated stalls and see the local gifts and crafts including stalls from Italy, Finland, Spain, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Lapland, Germany and more.

You’ll find a beautiful setting to try a Christmas tradition by skating on the open-air skating rink built around the main square. Indulge your taste buds with delicious sweet and spicy snacks and try a heart warming hot wintry drink. Take a stroll to see the enchanting lights in Leopoldspark and catch a street performance on the way. There’s certainly a lot to keep everyone entertained.

Shop ‘til you drop.

Shoppers will be spoilt for choice in the city with boutique shoppers well catered for. The Adolf Buylstraat is known for its exclusive boutiques and be sure to check out the side streets for hidden gems too.

Events, events, events - all year round.

Whichever time you choose to visit Ostend you’ll find something exciting going on. Some key events and highlights of the year are: Oostende at Anchor, Theatre by the Sea, Sparkling Mondays, Magic Lights in the Park and Carnival weekend with the well known Dead Rat Ball. 

For more details of what Ostend has to offer visit: www.visitoostende.be/en