Ferry to Zeebrugge - Travel Guide 

The small harbour town of Zeebrugge is located at the western end of Belgium (or Flanders region) and is considered to be a sub-division of Bruges which is roughly only 10km away.

Zeebrugge and Bruges have been linked by the Boudewijnkanaal and runs through Zeebrugge port to Bruges harbour.

Zeebrugge has be extremely important in the regeneration of Brugge's as a city, and helped establish its reputation as an art and tourist centre in Northern Europe.

Providing Belgium's only sea port situated on the coast, Zeebrugge is important for both freight and passenger ferries to Belgium.

This also made Zeebrugge ferry port an important base for German U-boats during the First World War, and is well known for the Zeebrugge raid. Admiral Roger Keyes of the Royal Navy planned and led the assault, which sank the German ships in the harbour and left the base out of commission for the last sevens months of the war.

The mariner is also Belgium's most important fishing ports and home to one of the largest wholesale fish markets in Europe.

Getting to Zeebrugge

There is excellent access to Zeebrugge from DFDS Seaways UK ferry ports.

Take our ferry directly to France from Dover and after a short 2 hour Channel crossing, you can drive the 85 mile trip to Zeebrugge in just over 1 hour. 

Alternatively, travelling to Zeebrugge from Scotland and the north of England is simple when you travel by ferry with DFDS Seaways. It could also save you time and money compared to driving to other ferry ports in the UK.

The beautiful town of Zeebrugge is only a 3 hour drive from our ferry port in IJmuiden, Holland. That's about the same time to drive to Hull from Newcastle and doesn't include the time taken to drive from Scotland!

You can also drive to other top cities in Belgium in even less time. Visit the likes of Antwerp in under 2 hours, or Brussels and Ghent in under 2 hours 30 minutes.

Driving Distances to Belgian Cities

Getting to top Belgian towns and cities like Zeebrugge, Bruges, Antwerp and Brussels by car is simple and only a short drive from our ferry port in IJmuiden (Holland).

Using the countries excellent road network you end reach these cities in less than a 3 hour drive.

Bruges 2 hours 53 mins 179 miles
Antwerp 1 hour 51 mins 110 miles
Zeebrugge 2 hours 57 mins 172 miles
Brussels 2 hours 22 mins 143 miles
Leige 2 hours 38 mins 163 miles
Ghent 2 hours 25 mins 149 miles
Ypres 3 hours 3 mins 193 miles

Driving times and distances calculated using Google maps.