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If you are considering a holiday in Denmark this year – then our Denmark travel guides are just the thing to help you decide which fantastic city or cities in Denmark to visit.

Not long after beginning your holiday in Denmark, you will understand why Hans Christian Andersen found such inspiration for his fabled story-telling here.

Denmark is a truly magical country where quaint timbered houses edge cobbled streets, the tree-lined banks of fjords twist inland and thousands of years of history simply ooze from every corner.

The country is almost entirely surrounded by water, as it’s made up of the Jutland Peninsular and over 400 islands, the largest being Funen and Sealand, each with its own particular identity and culture, making a holiday in Denmark a hugely varied and enjoyable experience.

It also offers plenty of activities and accommodation suitable for families of all sizes, so it’s no surprise that it was voted as the most family friendly holiday destination in the world. There is also plenty to do for groups, with lots of outdoor activities and vibrant city culture to enjoy. It’s also a fantastic destination for romantic mini cruise breaks, perfect for couples wanting to spend some quality time together. 

Holidays in Denmark aren’t just about visiting the big cities like Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus etc. there is plenty to do at some of the smaller cities in Denmark too. The Island of Fanø near Esbjerg is home to tens of thousands of migrating birds each year, and is popular holiday destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

Driving holidays in Denmark – follow the famous Marguerite driving route.

Covering 3,600 kms of road the Marguerite route provides an excellent itinerary for people on a driving holiday in Denmark.

Follow a scenic journey around Denmark, taking in ruins, castles, museums, Viking towns and villages, museums, forests and stunning coastlines.

The route is marked with road signs with a yellow and white marguerite daisy on a brown background.
Just one small section of the route is on a motorway, the rest of the route meanders through the countryside or hugs the coast to show off the very best views of Denmark.

It is accessible for cars and motorbikes but is occasionally a narrow road making it difficult for caravans and buses. You could, of course, choose shorten your driving holiday and split the route down and do sections of the route such as Jutland. 

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