Aalborg Travel Guide - The University City in North Jutland 

Located 51 miles north of Aarhus, Aalborg is Denmark's fourth largest city and is easily accessible by plane and car.

This Danish city is best known for its industrial and university stature which makes it the fourth largest city in Denmark. There are a wide range of attractions from historical ones such as Aalborg Castle which is a half timbered castle which was built and used by King Christian III, it was also used as place for the governors of North Jutland to use.

Visit the Aalborg Historical Museum which is located within the town centre and find out about the story of the town and the surrounding area from the last 1000 years. Containing Renaissance work, a permanent collection of locally produced glass, sliver items and more, the Aalborg Historical Museum provides a partial insight from this part of Denmark.

There are many more fascinating attractions in Aalborg, Denmark from the Aalborg zoo, which is eight hectors big and houses 1,200 animals that belong to 138 species, and also has an amusement park Karolinelund.

Just something for the adults a beer walk where you will taste six beers at six different; pubs along the way you will hear about how the beers are so special to Aalborg and how they differ from the next one, so why not treat yourself to a fantastic experience.

Getting to Aalborg from simple too. As one of Jutland's largest cities it has a host of readily accessible transport links. Situated near the coast it naturally offers a variety of ferries service from its neighbouring Scandinavian country, Sweden, and excellent road and train connections.

Things to do and see in Aalborg

Aalborg castle
Built in 1539 Aalborg castle the castle courtyard and other areas of the castle are open to visitors in the summer between 8am and sunset.

Aalborg zoo
One of Denmark's largest zoo, Aalborg zoo is home to over 1,200 animals including tigers, zebras, elephants and penguins.

Budolfi Church
Built in the late 14th century; Budolfi Church was named after an English saint and abbot, and was built in a Gothic style out of the most common building materials.

Aalborg carnival
This annual street carnival is suitable for both children and adults. Dress up, paint your face and dance in the street with your friends and family and have fun together.

The Underground Greyfriar Monastery Museum
This small and unique museum offers plenty for all. Children will love it. The museum tells a story of the monastery and the surrounding area over time.


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