Enjoy a Short Break in Esbjerg, Denmark  

Esbjerg is the perfect location for a short break with so many things to do. Esbjerg, The Gateway to Jutland, is located on the southwest coast of Denmark.

The town of Esbjerg has developed around the harbour and is the fifth largest town within Denmark. The town began to grow from 1868 when it started life with 30 inhabitants; the town now has over eighty thousand people living there.

Esbjerg may be compact in size but there is a juxtaposition of all things modern and natural experiences. As the capital of the west coast, it is a vibrant city with shopping, exhibitions and many walking routes to enjoy this coastal area. 

The harbour is a special experience, and throughout the summer it is possible to go on a seal safari and see Esbjerg from the seaside and, at the same time, experience the seals and the many species of birds of the Wadden Sea.

Many visitors to this region also take a trip to the Danish island resort of Fanø with pure white beaches and migrating birds close to the main village of Nordby.

Things to see and do in Esbjerg

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum

Esbjerg is more than just an ordinary costal town. With a rich history of culture and combined with its maritime routes, there's plenty to do and see in this beautiful town from the Grundvigs Church, Marbaek Nature Park, fishing habour and more:

Esbjerg water tower
Providing a brilliant panoramic view of Esbjerg, you can view the stunning seaside town and watch the fishing boats come in and out of the harbour from the top of this tower.

The Old Lightship
Board this old wooden lightship moored in the harbour, and see how sailors use to live in the old days.

Maritime & Fisheries Museum
Visit Esbjerg's local maritime museum, built in memory the fishermen lost at sea. With a large collection of fishing boats and equipment, the museum also contains a fresh water aquarium with a large collection of fish found around the Danish coast.

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Explore Esbjerg's shops and boutiques

Shopping in Esbjerg

For a town it's size it surprises many that Esbjerg is the main shopping area for most of southern Jutland. Home to the longest pedestrian street in Jutland, Esbjerg's one kilometre long 'Kongensgade' has it all.

With around 150 shops all located on the 1 kilometre long shopping street, the Kongensgade sells everything, from top of the range branded clothes to holiday souvenirs.

Eating out in Esbjerg

Being situated so close to the sea, it's no surprise that fish plays such an important role in the food in Esbjerg. With it being caught and cooked on the same day, you are guaranteed that your food is as fresh as it comes. Esbjerg also has it's very own special dish called 'bakskuld', which is lightly salted smoked dab fried in Danish Lurpak butter.

Dronning Louise
Renowned for its bakskuld the Dronning Louise serves a selection of fish and meat dishes at an excellent quality. With live music every night Wednesday-Sunday you can relax and enjoy a superb meal in a relaxed atmosphere. www.dr-louise.dk

Claiming to be the only place in Denmark that serves original American spare ribs, Bones offers you everything that's American from burgers to steaks. www.bones.dk

Serving fabulously fresh fish, the Sydvesten's slogan 'Fish should be eaten at the harbour' perfectly describes why their food is so good. With several other meat dishes available on the menu, they can all be served outdoors allowing to the taken in the scenery as you enjoy top quality cuisine. http://www.sydvesten.dk

Papa's Cantina
Designed perfectly with a South American Latino theme Papa's specialises in Mexican Tacos and Argentinean steaks. Perfect to relax in and enjoy a meal, Papa's adds a something a little special to every meal.

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