Enjoy a Holiday in Copenhagen at Tivoli  

Tivoli is one of Denmark's most popular tourist attractions and provides a unique timeless atmosphere with lush green gardens, midnight firework displays, amusement rides, open air shows and more. What better way to enjoy a family holiday in Copenhagen!

Located in the heart of Copenhagen – Tivoli is easily accessible by public transport or by foot.

Open throughout the year (excluding January, February and March) Tivoli offers a variety of entertainment, including special events during the Halloween and Christmas periods, helping make a holiday in Copenhagen special all year round.

Renowned around the world for its charming combination of carnival games, the Demon rollercoaster and flower gardens by day, and its dazzling lights and midnight firework display by night, Tivoli is one attraction in Copenhagen you must visit while on holiday.

Things to do in Tivoli

Tivoli gardens

Stroll through the flower gardens and enjoy a relaxing day with your family or friends. Once night falls, 120,000 fairy lights set the tone for a relaxed, cosy and romantic atmosphere where Tivoli’s restaurants that make for a memorable holiday.

Tivoli Amusements

Visit Tivoli’s amusement park if you dare! Enjoy all 25 rides that this fantastic theme park offers. Beware of the Nautilus – a challenging ride through water, fog and steam or enjoy Petzi’s World for those that like a more gently life!

Tivoli Aquarium

Home to Europe’s longest salt water aquarium, you can see up to 1600 different species of fish, sharks and rays across the parks 30 metre tropical reef.

Tivoli Boys Guard

Tivoli Boys Guard was founded in 1844 as an honorary guard watching over Tivoli's finest buildings and monuments on festive occasions. Through the years several divisions have been added to the Guard: Drums and Fifes, Band, Captain and Colour Guard, Golden Coach, and Artillery form the parade which takes place at Tivoli several times every week.

Friday Rock

If you are in Copenhagen on holiday on a Friday, then visit Tivoli during the summer. Bringing 29 different artists across 23 different concerns – Friday Rock will definitely ensure your holiday to Copenhagen is one you remember.


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