Taking a ferry to IJmuiden - The Mouth of Amsterdam 

Ferries to IJmuiden provide access to a port city in Northern Holland that is the gateway to the North Sea. The city offers peaceful beaches, breathtaking dune landscapes and much more.

A ferry to IJmuiden will take you to a city famous for its beautiful landscapes and grand architecture. The name IJmuiden literally meaning 'the mouth of the IJ.' IJmuiden is popular among artists due to its peaceful surroundings and natural feel of friendliness. The coastal setting that the city provides makes anyone's stay here a special one. This wonderful city also boasts Holland's widest beaches and the biggest fish market! 

There is plenty to do in IJmuiden, with the city having many tasty restaurants, vibrant bars and friendly hotels; there really is something for everyone. With IJmuiden being situated on the coast, it is a popular spot for water sports enthusiasts, who regularly enjoy surfing in the North Sea. 

IJmuiden hosts a Municipal Hall, which is renowned for its grand architectural structure; making it a must see for any tourist. Furthermore, the 'Snow Planet' ski and snowboarding resort is close by, making IJmuiden a hotspot for active tourists.

Our IJmuiden ferries dock just a 30-45 minute drive away from Amsterdam, conveniently giving you direct access to one of Holland's most popular cities.

This beautiful city offers far more than just a rich history and great surroundings, it is somewhere special to go to relax and to take away the worries of everyday life. With plenty to do and lots to see, there has never been a better time to take a DFDS Seaways ferry to IJmuiden. 

Things to see and do in IJmuiden

Snow Planet

Taking an IJmuiden ferry is a perfect way to enjoy some time in one of Holland's most famous ports. Although IJmuiden is famous for its rich history and its access to Northern Holland, the city itself has plenty of fascinating things to do and see.

Visit the beach

Although this doesn't seems like the most obvious option, IJmuiden really does offer a beautiful beach for you to relax with friends or family and enjoy the scenery. You can even watch the large vessels as they enter/leave the dock.

Enjoy water sports

If you are a water sports enthusiast then you can enjoy activities such as surfing in the North Sea. With the area already being popular for surfers and the beach clubs open all year round, it is clear that this really is a hotspot worth visiting. Enjoy many outdoor activities such as the trampoline centre, climbing wall and the wind and water sports centre. Kite flying and racing are also popular in these areas, creating spectacular views. 

Fort Island

Built at the end of the 19th century to protect the sea locks, the IJmuiden fort acted as a forward post to the Amsterdam Defence Line. The fort was originally situated on the Northern banks of the canal, until work started on the Northern lock, which caused the fort to become seperated from the banks, creating Fort Island! There are still numerous bunkers on the island from World War 2, making Fort Island an extremely interesting place to visit.

Visit Snow Planet

Close by is a popular ski and snowboarding resort known as Snow Planet . The resort hosts its very own restaurant, catering for both adults and children, leaving no-one disappointed. Snow Planet is not only for adults, children can try out the facilities too!

The Ruins of Brederode

These ruins are the remains of the medieval castle of the Lords of Brederode. Built on an older fortress around 1355, the castle was in a great strategic location. Swampy bogs surrounding the castle made surprise attacks unlikely. However, in 1573, Spanish soldiers managed to set fire to the castle, and it has been a ruin ever since. The rich history surrounding this riun makes it a must see when visiting IJmuiden.

IJmuiden Bunker Museum

Open every first Sunday of the month from May-October, these second World War bunkers are a must see for any visitor to IJmuiden interested in history and culture. Walk through the wooden trenches as you discover the various bunkers. Some of these bunkers have been made into exhibitions, allowing you to get a taste of what life was like during one of the biggest events in world history.

Beeckestijn Gardens

The gardens of Beeckestijn represent designs of both the French and the English. The contrast in design sees a French Baroque style adjacent to a more English styled national park. The peaceful atmosphere enhances the beautiful surroundings, making a visit to these gardens a necessity.  

Shopping in IJmuiden

IJmuiden has various shops and supermarkets to keep you entertained throughout the day. There are shops that meet all needs, whether you are searching for souvenirs or the latest branded clothing.

If you fancy shopping on a larger scale, then you can visit Amsterdam which is only a short 30-45 minute drive away. Here, there is something for everyone, from department stores to traditional Dutch shops. 

Eating out in IJmuiden

Choose from a variety of many restaurants and bars in IJmuiden

IJmuiden has restaurants that offer something to suit all taste buds. With themed restaurants such as seafood, Italian, Greek, Indian, Chinese as well as ice-cream parlours, even the pickiest eater will feel at home. Some of these fine restaurants include: 

Augusta Restaurant

This local French restaurant/hotel offers everything in French cuisine. Being one of the most recommended restaurants in IJmuiden, the Augusta is sure to not disappoint. Although renovated, the building has been there for over a century but the authentic style has been kept. The Augusta also has a bar with an open fire and restaurant, sure to please any tourist.  http://www.augusta.nl/

Kop van de Haven Restaurant

This restaurant specialises in the seafood cuisine. With IJmuiden being located on the coast, the produce is extremely fresh, adding special taste. The Kop van de Haven also offers free Wi-Fi to its customers. http://www.kopvandehaven.nl/

De Meerplaats Restaurant

This is a traditional Dutch restaurant that offers foods of the North Sea as well as having a large selection of wines to meet your tastes. All produce is again local and fresh, giving your meal that little bit extra flavour. De Meerplaats is sure to send your taste buds wild and make you want to try something different. http://www.meerplaats.nl/

Chi Ling Restaurant

The Chi Ling restaurant specialises in Chinese cuisine, offering generous portions to add value for money. Here, all types of Chinese food can be ordered, as well as special dishes such as Peking duck and steaks. A mixture of friendly staff and a selection of wines to accompany your food make your experience even better. http://www.chiling.nl/

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