Volendam Travel Guide 

Volendam, a town in the south of Holland, is part of the Edam-Volendam municipality, and it is a very popular tourist attraction in the Netherlands, well known for its fishing heritage.

It is also known for its traditional clothing, which is still worn by some residents for the tourists who want to see the Holland of yesteryear - the women's costume of Volendam, with its pointed bonnets, is very recognisable as traditional Dutch costume.

With a beautiful array of old house, canals and drawbridges, not to mention fishing boats, Volendam is a rural feast for the eyes, with vibrant colours all around.

Things to do and see in Voldendam, Holland

  • 4 Beautiful churches
  • Volendam Museum
  • Pretty Houses
  • Music Museum
  • Rent a bicycle
  • Traditional dress on show
  • Cheese Market
  • Fish Market
  • Dijks Nearby
  • FC Volendam and their ship
  • Doolhof - a maze of streets


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