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Poland Travel Guide

By taking your vehicle on a DFDS Seaways ferry crossing to Poland, you immediately have access to a beautiful country lavished in history and great landscapes. Create your own little adventure and explore the delights that Poland has to offer.

Poland is renowned for its friendly people and great restaurants and bars, which offer something to suit everyone. Whether your visit is to simply relax or party, Poland's rich history, combined with its lively evening atmosphere, is sure to not disappoint.

Not only is Poland renowned for its rich history and culture, it also hosts an array of beautiful lakes and mountains. This, combined with the fact that Poland offers great value for money, makes a visit to this country hard to pass by.

By taking a ferry to Poland  you can visit the Polish capital of Warsaw and experience fantastic dining options as well as an array of great bars and clubs. Or why not visit Poland's second city Krakow? Here, you can enjoy the beautiful buildings and everything the popular city has to offer. Also, only an hour drive from Krakow is Auschwitz, where you can take a tour and learn about one of the biggest historical events in Polish history.

Simply travel with your vehicle on a DFDS Seaways ferry crossing and drive from the port to Poland, passing beautiful scenery and places of interest on the way. Visiting Poland is special all year round and your adventure begins as soon as you step onboard.

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