​DFDS Camping In Europe Guide  

Every year DFDS' ferries help travellers with an urge for adventure to reach campsites all over Europe. Pack your tent and sleeping bags into your boot, arrive at one of our European ports after your crossing, then hit the road. 

You’ll never forget the incredible freedom you get from having a car to travel with and a place to stay to hand, wherever you decide to go. 

On this page we’ll give you some useful advice and some key locations for camping in or nearby the countries we travel to. 

Before You Go Camping In Europe: 

Remember that if you plan to take a pet on this trip, or plan to drive in unfamiliar countries, you will need to consider the laws and rules of the country you visit. 

Visit our Pet Travel Pages if you would like to travel with your pets. ( Read more about Pet Travel here ) 

The UK government offers many forms of advice to travellers going abroad; including guides to countries offered by the Foreign and Commonwealth office, ( Read the FCO publications here ) while publications covering immunisations you might consider are also available. ( Read the CDC documents here ) 

Camping in Holland: 

Europe has more great camping spots than you could visit in a lifetime, we can’t list them all, but a few ideas might help your decision. 

DFDS operates daily ferry crossings from Newcastle to Amsterdam. After disembarking in Amsterdam, one of Holland’s many campsites should be first on your list of places to visit. 

If you’re travelling with family, try Ter Spegelt for a holiday with an enormous variety of opportunities for kids to play and adults to relax. Located in the South East, near the city of Eindhoven and the border between Holland and Belgium, Ter Spegelt offers a range of activities that complement its beautiful pastoral surroundings. Let the children play on the beaches or go diving with snorkel and scuba gear in the camp site’s lakes while you ramble or cycle through the nearby forests.  

 If you need more on-site entertainment and maybe a little more adrenaline in your visit, try camping at Duinrell amusement park, just north of The Hague. Visitors staying at their camp site receive free entry to the amusement park with its rollercoasters and play parks, and free time in the Tiki Pool, whose dare-devil water slides are some of the largest in Holland. 

Another popular choice is camping alongside Lake Veluwe. Pitches along the shores of this vast body of water not only offer top class facilities but many offer opportunities to surf, water ski and other water sports. Try De Hooghe Bijsschel for one of these spectacular short breaks. ( More on De Hooghe Bijsschel here ) 

Nature lovers and couples looking to steal some quality relaxation time beneath the leafy woodland canopy of rural Holland are spoilt for choice. National Park De Hoge Veluwe offers visitors the chance to spot Wild Boar and Red Deer among its lush and lavish flora, and allows you to roam on horseback through its diverse, coniferous woodland and wide sand drift expanses.

Another Dutch organisation, Natural Campsites, publishes a book and offers a website with an expansive natural camping directory.

The Wadden Islands are on of Holland’s most popular tourist attractions, and also provide wonderful camping spots; with miles of beach, unique plant and animal species and charming, lighthouse-pocked villages, it isn’t hard to see why so many visit each year. Visit the wadden island tourist board website here for more info. ​

Camping In France:

DFDS operates regular ferries between Dover and Dunkirk. From there it’s easy to get to some fascinating camping spots in France. ​

Try the campsite at Chateau de Martragny, near Normandy. With a swimming pool, ancient trees and beautiful walled gardens, the camp site is a real treat for the eyes and body, whilst its proximity to Bayaeux, the Normandy countryside and the historic site of the D-Day landings offers plenty to do when you want to break away from the site. (Visit the Chateau de Martragny website here)

 If the breezy warmth of the South of France is closer to what you aim for, try visiting the Midi-Pyrenees region in the South-West. The campsites at La Brouquere and Domaine Le Poteau give you the opportunity to relax and unwind among gently sloping vineyards; a landscape that could be the very definition of ‘idyllic’. (Visit La Brouquere's website here) (Visit Domaine Le Poteau's website here)

With your car and camping equipment travelling with you, it’s easy to travel from the country your ferry arrives in to others in Europe. Here we’ll provide a choice few camping spots in Belgium and Germany, but remember Poland , Sweden and Norway are easily accessible too.

France is accessible via on of our ferry crossings from Newcastle to Amsterdam, book below.​

Camping In Germany: 

Berlin is around 6 hours drive from our port in Amsterdam, and even closer to many of the Dutch attractions you may choose to stop over at first. Tentstation in Berlin is a world famous and always-recommended, attracting travellers from around the world. Pitch your tent in the heart of the city, sleep surrounded by woodland but next to a drained swimming pool with Volleyball nets, BBQ facilities and one of Europe’s most incredible cities literally at your (tent’s) doorstep.(Visit the tentstation website here)

Wulfenerhals near Lubeck in the North is an immensely popular camp and caravan resort, with a wide breadth of water sport and golf offered, and good discounts for those booking in advance.  (Read more about Wulfenerhals here)

At the opposite end of the country, Camping Brunnen offers similar activities as well as an incredible range of thrilling and relaxing experiences; from hot air balloons and paragliding, to mountain hiking with steep cable car rides and visits to fairy tale castles such as Castle Neuschwanstein that tower over sloping hillsides and woodland. Definitely recommended, but also hugely popular; make plans to visit this spectacular spot in advance.

Camping in Belgium: 

Belgium is easy to reach from our ferry to Amsterdam too. For a great family-oriented stay in East Belgium, try Wilhem Tell Recreatieoord, near Limburg. The campsite has on-site pool and kid’s activities, and plenty of opportunities exist nearby for shopping (try visiting nearby Maastricht) go-karting, climbing, ski-ing and even hang gliding. 

Kleinstrand Jabbeke in Northern Belgium combines fantastic on-site facilities with a location that’s just a short drive from the Belgian seaside and the capital Bruges. The camp site offers a large pool with waterslides for kids and water-skiing opportunities for adults. Splendid seaside resorts such as Ostend and Zeebrugge are nearby, and Bruges is only 20 minutes away.

Germany and Belgium are accessible via both of our ferry crossing routes, depending on your preference.