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Cheese in Europe

Between Holland and France, western Europe can lay claim to two of the most famous cheese-producing countries in the world. However, the enthusiastic cheese-loving traveller can also find plenty of opportunities for cheese tourism in nearby Germany and Belgium too.

Whether you’re partial to Brie, Edam, Gouda or Camembert, you’ll find cheeses for every palate in Europe. And, with regular crossings to Calais, Dieppe, Dunkirk and Amsterdam, our ferries offer the ideal way to strike out and explore your own cheese adventure.

Header image credit: Andrea Goh

Cheese in France


Treat yourself to world-class Bries, Camemberts, and Epoisses among hundreds more. With such rich and varied regional production, there are plenty of cheese-based things to see and do (and taste) around the country.

Cheese in Holland


Holland is one of the world’s most respected cheese producers,s… and rightly so!. Visit any traditional eatery in any Dutch city and you’re sure to find delicious cheese-based meals and snacks to satisfy your curiosity.

Image credit: Roman Boed

Cheese in Germany


Whether you’re eager to discover the widespread rural cheese makers of the rugged and breath-taking Bavarian landscape, or the more commercial and well-known cheeses of northern Germany, you’re in for a treat. Combined with everything else it has to offer, Germany is the perfect destination for dedicated cheese enthusiasts.

Image credit: John Carkeet

Cheese in Belgium


Much like Belgium’s traditional beer making industry, the artisanal cheese producers in this tiny European state are mostly found in monastic abbeys. This makes for a cheese tasting holiday full of stunning locations and serene surroundings, accompanied by hearty food and warm welcomes.

Image credit: Martin Lopatka​


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