DFDS A Voyage Through Time

Welcome to a voyage through time, supported by DFDS Seaways. Scroll down to take a journey through the evolution of sea-faring vessels – from the early Viking longships to the state-of-the-art battle cruisers and passenger liners of the 20th century.

Gokstad Ship

A Viking ship that was discovered in a burial mound in Norway in the 18th century, the Gokstad is one of the best-known surviving examples of the kind of vessel the Scandinavian Vikings would have used for battle, trade and transportation of people and goods.

The Golden Hind

Captained by Sir Francis Drake, the Golden Hind was the first English ship to circumnavigate the globe. The Hind sailed from Plymouth in December 1577 and returned in September 1580, bearing treasures worth an estimated £600,000 – equivalent to around £25 million in modern currency.

SS Great Eastern

At six times bigger than any other ship of her time, Brunel's 'Great Babe' was an engineering wonder that took 50 years to be surpassed in size.

HMS Belfast (1938)

Initially launched as a Royal Navy warship in 1938, HMS Belfast saw action throughout World War II, and the Korean War. One of the largest and most powerful cruisers in the Royal Navy in its heyday, it is now a museum ship permanently moored on the River Thames, attracting over a quarter of a million visitors per year.

HMY Britannia

For over four decades, Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia acted as the floating residence for The Queen and the rest of the Royal Family, carrying them all over the world during their many overseas tours. Retired in 1997, she is now permanently moored at Ocean Terminal Leith in Edinburgh as an exhibition ship.


DFDS A Voyage Through Time

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