About us

A leading sea transport network in Northern Europe

DFDS’ shipping network integrates freight and passenger services. We deliver high frequency and reliable freight services to haulage and forwarding companies. We also develop and deliver industrial logistics solutions in close co-operation with producers of heavy industrial goods. For passengers, we provide great maritime experiences as well as transport services for passengers travelling by car wanting to travel around Europe and Scandinavia.

Scope of activities

DFDS’ is focused on servicing freight customers and passengers through the different activities in the route network:

  • Freight routes (ro-ro) services cargo that is rolled on and off the ship
  • Freight routes (lo-lo) services cargo that is lifted on and off the ship
  • Passenger and freight routes (ro-pax) services cargo and passengers using ships with a balanced freight and passenger capacity
  • Passenger and freight routes (cruise ferry) with the main purpose of servicing passengers Port terminals for handling cargo and passengers
  • Transport and logistics services which also serve to feed volumes into the network Sales offices for freight and passenger services See the full extent of DFDS’ route network in Northern Europe here .

Two Business Areas

DFDS Logistics​ includes all land transport on roads and railways. In addition, the DFDS Logistics includes container and side port shipping activities.

DFDS, The Shipping Division, covers all passenger, ro-ro and ropax activities and their associated terminals.

Company information

DFDS is a growing international shipping company with a leading market position in Northern Europe. DFDS is headquartered in Copenhagen and quoted on NASDAQ OMX The Nordic Exchange Copenhagen. Founded in 1866, DFDS has provided passenger ferry services for more than 140 years, with a fleet considered to be one of the largest in northern Europe.

Group revenue amounted to DKK 6.5 billion in 2009, and since the acquisition of Norfolkline in 2010, DFDS now employs 6,000 people.