Our environmental mission lies at the very heart of our business – with the ferry travelling public. In the last three years we have reached out to people – on our ferries and beyond – using increasingly inventive, engaging and inspiring strategies. We are proud of our achievements in raising awareness of the importance of the marine environment and inspiring people to travel with us and see it for themselves.

Show me dolphins!

Our onboard Wildlife Officers, representing both DFDS and marine conservation charity ORCA (, present to an estimated 10,000 people each summer. It’s their job to show people that the North Sea is brimming with amazing wildlife, to discuss the threats to our seas, and present simple and positive solutions that are achievable by us all. “I think it is vital for the next generation to learn all about our marine wildlife and I think having fun and playing games is the best way for children to learn.”

Stephanie Barnicoat

Wildlife Officer, KING SEAWAYS

“It was so wonderful! This ship and spotting my first whale ever, while I was on the observation deck with the Wildlife Officer. A little later, some harbour porpoises showed themselves. Really special!”

Christian Boomsma



I want to learn more!

Our partnership with ecotourism specialists School of Whales ( has seen us jointly develop highly educational mini cruise experiences in search of wildlife. These interactive trips encourage people to learn about and discuss environmental issues as diverse as climate change, reintroducing Europe’s predators and discovering how birds migrate! From 2012 we intend to expand these trips and include a donation to local wildlife charities and conservation groups wishing to attend. Have a whale of a time!

There are perhaps no better animals on earth to inspire people to care about our oceans than whales and dolphins. That’s why we are co-sponsoring Europe’s first Whale Festival (, in Brighton, on 5-6 November 2011. It’s going to be a massive event, where you can meet a life-sized Blue Whale, walk inside a whale’s belly, take a real-time whale watching trip and meet experts and celebrities who love these amazing animals. The event is a platform that supports marine conservation charities and ethical whale watch companies. DFDS is proud to be a part of it.

Reaching out to the local community

Beginning in autumn 2011 we are reaching out to the local community by jointly sponsoring an educational outreach programme in the Newcastle area. The programme, managed by ORCA, will use whales, dolphins and the historical story of fishing in the northeast as vehicles to enthuse, inspire and educate people about the wider marine environment. For the first time we will be able to work alongside local schools, colleges, and community groups in order to highlight how our lifestyles can impact marine communities many miles offshore. “Our relationship with DFDS has been invaluable. Because we believe strongly in conservation through education, our partnership has provided us with a unique opportunity to inspire, educate and engage more people about the whales and dolphins, around the UK and in European waters”

Sally Hamilton