DFDS collaborates closely with the following organisations in order to engage our community - the ferry-travelling public - with marine conservation issues. We take great care to develop mutually beneficial projects that will meet the highest standards and deliver on our environmental pledges.

ORCA – Organisation Cetacea


ORCA is one of Europe’s leading whale and dolphin conservation charities. ORCA works to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises in and around UK and European waters. As much about people as it is about animals, ORCA believes that if it can help someone experience what it’s like to share a space with whales and dolphins, they’ll come to feel as passionately about these animals as ORCA does. That’s why they have dedicated Wildlife Officers on board ferries in the UK and Europe.

ORCA’s Wildlife Officers run talks, activities and deck watches, providing expert knowledge of the astonishing marine wildlife on our doorstep. In addition, ORCA runs scientific surveys that monitor the conservation status of whales and dolphins by relying on a network of Marine Mammal Surveyors who are all volunteers, taken from all walks of life.

WhaleFest and Planet Whale


WhaleFest is Europe’s first and largest whale festival. A must-see event for everybody with a passion for whales, dolphins, and whale watching, WhaleFest is a place where you can share your stories, meet like-minded folk, and discover all the amazing whale and dolphin watching trips and charitable activities taking place around the UK and across the world. WhaleFest is organised by Planet Whale, the world’s largest online search engine for whale and dolphin watching trips. Planet Whale and WhaleFest share the same vision: to provide whale and dolphin conservation organisations and sustainable whale watching businesses with a free platform to promote their work to the widest possible audience.

School of Whales


School of Whales is a tour operator specialising in fun and educational short breaks in search of wildlife. School of Whales teaches people more about the wild because it believes that the most inspirational moments in life are a combination of amazing experiences and the thrill that comes with new-found understanding. Their guides know how to share with you their knowledge of the natural world in a way that is fun and relaxing. Their affordable trips are run aboard delightful ferries that cross fascinating – and unique – ocean environments. Over the sea to adventure – there’s simply no finer way to learn about our amazing natural world!

Atlantic Research Coalition (ARC)


Established in 2001, the Atlantic Research Coalition (ARC) was initiated in an effort to provide vital pan-European monitoring data on the distribution and abundance of whales and dolphins (cetaceans) and seabirds by bringing together marine conservation organisations operating in adjacent areas of ocean. ARC is a growing partnership bringing together scientists from a number of conservation research groups operating from multiple European countries including England, Netherlands, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Spain. The marine research groups have been independently carrying out systematic surveys for marine wildlife using similar research methodology, from commercial ferries in the 'Atlantic Arc' waters between France, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and the UK. By pooling research findings, the ARC partners aim to generate a larger and more powerful body of data which can be used to provide species updates on a European scale.