DFDS statement on the transportation of pets

We sincerely regret the loss of Ms Hall’s pet dog, Oliver and the distress that this has clearly caused Ms Hall and her family.

Journeys on our Dover routes are short crossings lasting up to two hours. We believe that our current procedures for pet travel on these services are suitable and correct. We operate our policy, where pets remain in their owners’ vehicles during the journey, in the interests of all of our passengers and their pets, ensuring dogs travel in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of their owners’ vehicles and avoiding exposing them to the busy passenger areas on board our ships.

All customers are advised of this arrangement at the time of booking and provided with information and advice when they check in at our ports. We recommend that car windows are left open to allow air to circulate through the vehicle and passengers can visit their pet during the journey by asking a crew member to accompany them to the car. We do not have evidence to suggest that Ms Hall requested this during her journey.

On our longer routes, we provide a kennelling option for pets in view of the longer, 15-hour overnight crossing time.

We have transported more than 35,000 dogs safely on our routes so far this year. Following a thorough investigation, we have no indication that our procedures are inadequate and, as a post-mortem was not carried out at the time, there is no evidence of the cause of Oliver’s death.​