​Karlshamn ferry Port

​Impo​rtant Information:

DFDS ferries from Klaipeda ferry terminal (International Ferry Terminal) to Karlshamn and Kiel. From 05-26-2015 the company's ferries on the route Klaipeda-Karlshmanas will be served in the new central Klaipeda terminal ( CKT ) , located in the Baltic pr.40 .

The International Ferry Port is located in the South-West part of Klaipeda. For more information and a map of the new port please download the document below:




Södra Stillerydsvägen 127, 

SE-374 93 Karlshamn, 


​Travelling to the port


  • Drive towards Karlshamn West (Västra), Karlshamn’s ports (hamnar).
  • Turn off right on the first roundabout, continue 1.2 km.
  • Turn off left (to Södra Stillerydsvägen), continue 1.2 km.
  • The ferry terminal building is in front of you. Passenger check-in is on the second floor.


Take a taxi from Karlshamns station to the ferry port costing approx. 100 SEK. Simply call a taxi using the free phone in the station building. 

Check in

Sailings from Karlshamn depart at 18:00 and check in at Karlshamn Hamn opens at 15:00. All passengers must be checked in by 17:00.​