Pet Travel on our Ferries 

It's never easy to leave a pet behind when you go on holiday - but travel with us and we'll make sure that you don't have to! Take your furry friend along for the ride and avoid costly kennel fees whilst enjoying an exciting trip abroad.

Important changes from the 29th December;

Changes to the pet travel scheme came into effect on 29 December 2014. This guidance explains what's changed and why. The changes are mainly designed to strengthen enforcement across the EU, increase levels of compliance and improve the security and traceability of the pet passport. The changes give effect to a new EU pet travel regulation (576/2013)

As part of the DEFRA Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), we provide simple and safe transportation for your pets onboard all of our ferries. You can enjoy your time on board knowing that we're taking great care of your pet, and on our overnight crossings you can even visit them during the journey by arrangement with the onboard crew.

Rules & Regulations with Pet travel

The pet travel scheme

The main requirements of the scheme will stay the same. All dogs, cats and ferrets travelling with their owner will still require:

  • microchipping
  • vaccination against rabies
  • a blood test 30 days after vaccination (if travelling to or from an unlisted third country)
  • a pet passport (or third country certificate) issued by an authorised vet
  • a waiting period after vaccination and prior to travel:
    • 21 days if travelling from another EU country or a listed third country
    • 3 months (following blood test) for unlisted countires
  • treatment against the EM tapeworm (dogs only)

There are exceptions to some of these preperations in certain circumstances. If you are planning to travel with your pet you must read the detailed guidance at:

For dogs, tapeworm treatment must be administered by a vet, not less than 24 hours or more than 120 hours before returning to the UK. You'll need a veterinary certificate that's signed, dated and shows the time of treatment.

Pet Passport Information

A pet passport is required to bring your pet back into the UK without being quarantined. You can get one from your vet, and it will be valid for 21 days after your pet was last vaccinated against rabies. The pet passport will remain valid as long as your pet is re-vaccinated by the 'valid until' date in section 4 of the passport.

If you are travelling with more than one pet, please be aware that the movement of animals within the EU is limited to five per person unless you are taking part in a competition, show, or sporting event. These animals will require a specific health certificate issued by the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency. Full advice and guidance can be found at

Declarations -


Pet Travel Checklist

To keep your pet safe and happy, remember the following:

  • Always leave enough food and water, but consider limiting this slightly to avoid toilet accidents
  • Always ensure there is adequate ventilation, but don't leave windows open too far
  • Always ensure your pet can move around freely and has plenty of familiar toys etc
  • Supply absorbent bedding where possible.

Take your pet abroad -


Newcastle-Amsterdam route

We are happy to accommodate pets on our Newcastle to Amsterdam and route for a small cost of £19 each way, providing they are suitably secured inside your vehicle. Kennels are also available on the Newcastle-Amsterdam route.

Please ensure any pets are booked in advance at the time of booking. You can visit your pet during the crossing by visiting our guest service centre.

Dover-Calais & Dover-Dunkirk routes

On our Dover to Calais and Dover to Dunkirk routes, booking of pets must be made in advance, and they are subject to the same travel conditions as onboard our Newcastle-Amsterdam route. Pets travelling on our Dover-France routes will be charged at £15 each way.

Pets must remain suitably secured inside your vehicle; you can visit your pet in your car during the crossing if accompanied by a crew member.

Newhaven-Dieppe route

Motorists can take their pet with them in the same manner as our other routes by booking online in advance for £18 per crossing per pet. You can visit your pet in your car during the crossi​ng if accompanied by a crew member, but not during the first or final hour of the crossing.

On the Newhaven to Dieppe route, foot passengers may carry a pet in a suitable cage.


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