Short Breaks To Bruges​

Cobbled lanes and elegant squares, atmospheric churches and romantic canals. Walking through Bruges is like stepping into the pages of a fairytale.

This is a supremely beautiful city, often compared to Amsterdam because of its canals and genteel architecture. Perfect for a romantic treat or refined city break, Bruges never fails to impress.


While there's no direct ferry to Bruges it is very easy to get to. Sail to France from Dover and the city is just 47 miles from our port in Dunkirk. It's also just 72 miles from Calais to Bruges. If you’re travelling from the north of England or Scotland then you can save yourself a drive by taking our Newcastle-Amsterdam route. When you drive off our ship in Holland, Bruges is less than three hours away by car. ​​​


Why visit Bruges?

While it is often visited as a day trip from Brussels, there are lots of reasons to enjoy a Bruges city break. You'll find that it is absolutely beautiful at night, when the canals and elegant Flemish architecture are floodlit to dramatic and magical effect.

Everything in Bruges centres on the Markt, an open square flanked by gabled guild houses and bustling with people, open-air restaurants and horse-drawn carriages.

Beautiful medieval style buildings skirt the square, but towering 83m above it soars the magnificent Belfry. Take the 366-steps to the top and you'll be rewarded with wonderful views over the UNESCO World Heritage listed city centre, with its red tiled roofs and wistful spires.

The shopping is wonderful, particularly if you like chocolate, lace or beer! Bruges is the self-proclaimed world capital of chocolate and with its chocolate shops, chocolate museum and even a chocolate trail, you could dedicate an entire weekend to your favourite sweet treat.

Bruges is a real treat for food lovers too. Its elegant buildings and stately squares accommodate a profusion of restaurants, bistros and cafes.

Whether you seek Michelin-star quality or simple local cuisine, you won't be disappointed.


What to see in Bruges

There’s more than enough to keep you occupied on a weekend break to Bruges. In fact there are so many Bruges attractions that they could probably fill a whole week or more. A Bruges canal trip is a great way to relax and see the city. Originally used by commercial vessels to transport goods into Bruges, the canals are now exclusively used by tourist boats.

With its whitewashed buildings, beautiful gardens and museum, the Beguinage is a haven of tranquillity in the middle of the city. Today the Beguinage is used as a monastery for Benedictine nuns.

Bruges boasts a number of world-class museums and the Bruggesmuseum – a general title, referring to five different museums and galleries – is the place to go. Between them, they hold a wealth of art works and each collection tells the history of Bruges from a different point of view.  Or if you like chocolate, you’ll love Choco-Story which follows the history of one of Belgium's most famous exports. Journey from the world of the ancient Mayans and Aztecs through to the modern day production of truffles, bars and hollow figures. One for the chocoholics!

Bruges is home to many shops, offering a wide range of goods in the unique atmosphere of the city centre. The main highlight of Bruges's shopping facilities is its devotion to Belgium's most famous export - chocoholics will find 49 Belgian chocolate boutiques in which to browse and indulge. De Kaarsengieterij is also popular with visitors - a candle shop selling handmade candles with the option to order personalized candles for gifts or souvenirs.

The city centre also offers several shopping malls including Zilverpand and Alberthal, and there are also regular market days including a fish market and a flea market.

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