​Ghent - Europe’s best kept secret.

Popular with those who like to avoid busy tourist spots, Ghent is possibly Belgium’s, if not Europe’s, most beautiful city. It’s Belgium’s third largest city and home to no fewer than 18 museums, 100 churches and over 400 historical buildings. It’s a student town too so there are lots of reasonably priced places to eat, drink and hang out with most places open late.
  • Sail Dover-Dunkirk and Ghent is 1 hr 10 mins / 70 miles from Dunkirk
  • Sail Dover-Calais and Ghent is 1 hr 30 mins / 95 miles from Calais
  • Sail Newcastle-Amsterdam and Ghent is 2 hr 25 mins / 150 miles from IJmuiden​

An architecturally rich city.

You can’t fail to admire the beautiful buildings (there are over 400) and monuments that are scattered across the city. From the old Castle of the Counts that seems lo looks down over the city to new City pavilion - a striking open pavilion that hosts concerts, markets and dance performances – it’s great to just wander around and be in awe of what you see. Or if you prefer you can explore the city by boat (there is a canal system), cycle, with a guide or even in a carriage.

Christmas time in Ghent.

Every Christmas from around the 7th to 30th of December visitors flock to the Ghent Christmas Market​, on St Baafsplein. They go to enjoy browsing and choosing gifts from the many wooden chalet-style huts selling their Christmas wares, including decorations, candles, cards and other crafted gifts.
The cobbled streets and winding canals make it a beautiful setting and you can listen to carol singers, live jazz, folk and even rock performance, as you take in the festive atmosphere.
You can take the whole family skating on Emile Braunplein and at midnight on New Years’ Eve there is a spectacular firework display on the Graslei.

​Drink in the atmosphere and taste the delights.

If you love beer then you’ll love Belgium! There are over 400 beers to choose from so you’re bound to find a favourite. Local foods and delicacies are a must try too: waffles, chocolates, pastries and the Ghent Nose (Cuberdons) which are soft raspberry centered sweets that look like little noses.

Festival city.

The locals love to take to the streets and party so whatever time of year you choose to visit you’ll probably witness one of the many festivals. These include: the Music Festival, the Cultural Festival, the Jazz Festival in the park, the Light Festival, the Film Festival, the Port Festival and the OdeGand – where music is played along Ghent’s canals (which includes KidsOdeGand for children aged four and over).
For more details of what Ghent has to offer visit: www.visitghent.be/en/

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