Travel Guide for the Ardennes

The Ardennes is a stunning region spanning across four countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Within it there is so much culture, beauty and history to digest, no amount of time here is too long.


​​ Due to it being a mass region, you can easily reach the Ardennes from any of our routes out of England. Reach the Belgian Ardennes from Amsterdam in 3 hours. Alternatively, hop on one of our ferries from Dover. You’ll find yourself in the French Ardennes from Dunkirk in just 3 hours and from Calais in 3 hours 20. You could also take our Newhaven-Dieppe route and get to the French Ardennes in under 4 hours.


Beautiful scenery


Due to the important role of the Ardennes in the Second World War, the region has a great number of museums and war memorials. Visit the National Museum of Military History and tour the sobering site of the Battle of the Bulge.

Another popular museum is the Bastogne Barracks, another important site in the Battle of the Bulge. With free admission, you can visit the exhibition galleries in this excellent museum, as well as the Vehicle Restoration Centre.

The beautiful Meuse river is one of the most famous in the Ardennes. Winding through the valleys and cliffsides of the Ardennes (and eventually leading into the North Sea), this charming river is so clear it reflects the clouds above it.

When journeying down the river, stop off at Sedan where you can look in awe at the magnificent castle. Built into the cliffside in the 15th Century this is the largest medieval castle in Europe. It now houses within it a museum full of relics of its past. Visit in May and take part in the medieval fair with banquets, swords duels and more!

Head into the depths next as you visit the enchanting, winding caves of the Ardennes. With Dinant’s caves excellent for children for their Disney-esque design, Remouchamps peculiar underground labyrinth is not for the faint hearted. Filled with water, one must take a boat tour around much of the caves. Unusual natural sculptures hide away in these Belgian ‘grottes’. These strange subterranean settings are one of the most popular attractions in the Ardennes.

St Hubert is a real hidden treasure in rural Belgium. A tiny town tucked away amidst dense woodland. The foundations of the grand basilica date back to the 7th Century. These Belgians are proud of their gastronomy, too. Les Gamines is a modern restaurant situated in the picturesque landscape of the area. Visit the St Hubert Game Park for brilliant walks and spot some of the region’s creatures. In this protected forest you’ll find deer and wild hogs and you can visit the multimedia centre for more information on the area and its inhabitants.

Historical Ardennes


Step into another world as you find medieval hamlets with the remnants of a past existence, take a cruise down the crystal clear waters of the many rivers that run through the region.

Hikers, climbers, horseback riders and cyclists, this is your perfect landscape. 

With steep cliffs, hundreds of kilometres of hiking trails and off road paths to take your bike, there’s never a dull moment in the Ardennes.

The Ardennes also has a great deal of military heritage. 

The site of the historical Battle of the Bulge, a German campaign against the allied forces that took place in the thick of winter amongst the dense woodlands of the Belgian Ardennes.

Whether a family getaway, a romantic escape or a road trip with friends, the Ardennes is as diverse as its tourists.


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